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Healsens is a state-of-the-art mobile health app that is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape. But what exactly is Healsens and how is it transforming our approach to well-being? Essentially, Healsens is a comprehensive health management platform—an innovative solution aimed at empowering individuals to take control of their health journeys. This advanced application merges technology and healthcare realms, enhancing awareness of potential medical conditions and preventive programs to prevent delayed disease detection. It accomplishes this through personalized health checkup plans that integrate medical records, health risk calculators, and lifestyle questionnaires. So, what is Healsens, you might ask? It’s the pioneering bridge between technology and proactive healthcare, redefining how individuals engage with their health.

Smart Health Tracker App

Healsens’s smart health tracker app stands at the forefront of modern medicine’s push for greater personalization, equipping professionals with tools to evaluate age-related health risks. Understanding these risks and actionable steps for mitigation is crucial for patients, potentially enhancing longevity.

This shift towards personalized care is supported by an increasing number of medical organizations. They’re developing risk calculators capable of selecting necessary screenings based on patients’ risk factors, allowing for a better assessment of individual characteristics. Despite their high prognostic value, these tools often elude patient access. Healsens not only addresses this accessibility issue but also, when exploring ‘what is Healsens,’ emphasizes the significance of both a health screening plan and a health risk calculator.



What is Healsens in Questions and Answers

  • What’s Essential for Lifelong Health Maintenance?
  • What benefits can measurements of physical characteristics like waist and hip circumference, along with other body parameters, provide?



Personal Health Screening Plan

Let’s explore how the Healsens health tracker app functions! Understanding one’s health begins with patient data, enabling various calculations. These data must consider gender and age, as the risks for a 20-year-old greatly differ from those of a 50-year-old. Age crucially defines the necessary data. However, that’s not all! Beyond age, the current body state plays a vital role. It’s essential to track factors such as waist fat accumulation, morning and post-stress blood pressure, overall well-being, insomnia or panic attacks, and smoking habits. These factors contribute to a personal profile that aids in assessing health risks from lifestyle. Some factors are alterable (modifiable), while others, like age, are beyond influence (non-modifiable).

Healsens recommends tracking this data through various sections within the application. Users can monitor their body composition in one section, while symptoms like insomnia or different types of pain are tracked in the ‘How are you feeling’ section. However, the most significant indicators will be incorporated into your personal health screening plan within Healsens.

The initial health screening plan is formulated based on age and gender, encompassing evaluations of physical well-being (such as weight, waist-to-height ratio, etc.), blood tests, medical examinations, and specific questionnaires addressing anxiety and mental health assessment. These tests are pivotal in assessing one’s health. Healsens accompanies each health screening with its purpose, guiding users on the significance of the test and suggesting optimal ranges (goals in the app) to mitigate health risks.

Why are personal health screenings crucial? Proactively monitoring health through such an app involves risk analysis, identifying vulnerabilities and suggesting interventions before issues arise. Early detection through screenings helps identify diseases at their initial stages, allowing for timely intervention and treatment—a goal for maintaining good health. Risk assessment helps to detect the problem even earlier and begin interventions before the disease develops.

As people age, they commonly experience chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and certain types of cancer. Therefore, screenings are primarily aimed at these diseases. Moreover, some screenings are recommended only for people in high-risk areas. Thus, before offering screening, a patient’s risk assessment is necessary, recommending examinations only for high-risk cases. This approach not only saves money but also helps avoid unnecessary medical intervention. However, such an approach doesn’t guarantee the detection of all diseases, especially rare ones. Medical organizations recommend screenings where early detection and treatment are beneficial.

Finally, let’s illustrate this approach. Colorectal cancer risk increases with age, prompting screenings from age 50, though high-risk individuals should undergo earlier screenings for timely treatment. A similar principle applies to other conditions. For instance, women at high risk of breast cancer are advised to study BRCA1/BRCA2 genetic mutations, and a specific calculator helps smokers assess the need for Lung Cancer screening.

Health Risk Assessment

We’ve highlighted the importance of risk assessment in health preservation, illustrating Healsens’ pivotal role in evaluating potential risks. Yet, how reliable is this assessment? Healsens employs both clinical calculators and those validated in randomized controlled double-blind studies, showcasing their high prognostic value. The clinical calculators reflect well-known accuracies, facilitating streamlined communication among doctors and patients and ensuring alignment on health concerns. These calculators are reliable and well-known in the medical community. We will review how they work first.

These calculators are recommended for clinical medical practice, aiding in determining the probability of developing specific conditions. Their high accuracy renders their results reliable, serving as a starting point for initiating treatment. For instance, according to the latest recommendations, assessing the risk suffices to initiate treatment for cardiovascular diseases. This means that if a patient falls into a high-risk category based on the assessment, treatment can commence. Furthermore, research confirms that additional, more detailed heart examinations may not provide added benefits.

While risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases is widely known, biological age assessment receives less attention. This calculator isn’t used in clinical practice despite studies confirming its superior predictive ability for disease risk compared to actual age. In Healsens, we use a calculator known as the gold standard of biological age calculators. The calculator is also convenient as it utilizes readily available and inexpensive laboratory tests, accessible to the majority. It is also effective for lifestyle adjustments and evaluating their efficacy. We have a separate article dedicated to this topic.

Levine's Phenotypic Biological Age

Unfortunately, there is no single calculator that can determine the overall health of our body. At Healsens, we select a range of calculators to incorporate best practices and recommendations, covering the main age-related diseases. Therefore, in addition to analysis-based calculators, Healsens offers tools that assess your body structure, wear and tear due to stress, and more.

However, all these calculations won’t be beneficial unless you are willing to make changes in your life. Positive changes, even small ones at times, can yield significant results not only in calculations but also in your well-being. Many of our users have succeeded in losing weight, addressing long-standing issues, and feeling more energetic. These changes serve as the strongest support on the path to health.

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What is Healsens in Questions and Answers

We’ve dedicated several articles that delve into Healsens features in detail, and now we’ve prepared answers to frequently asked questions about Healsens. This helps summarize how the Healsens health tracker app aims to assist individuals in managing their health.

What’s Essential for Lifelong Health Maintenance?

To sustain lifelong health, understanding personal risk factors for various conditions is crucial. Equally important is the ability to mitigate these risks. Most importantly, it’s about the willingness to work on these factors!

Why creating a personalized list of screening tests is a complex task that requires the efforts of multiple specialists?

Much like consulting a cardiologist for heart issues or a gastroenterologist for stomach problems, specialists must identify the need for screenings in their respective fields and understand the benefits and risks of early detection. Evaluating when risks become significant and when personalized risk assessment is necessary is crucial. Assessing the sensitivity of lab tests also plays a vital role. Several medical organizations, such as the Preventive Task Force, compile and publish this information.

Take a close look at this list; it’s not yet fully prepared for use. Please sort the list by the A&B category. Next, to utilize it, you’ll need to open the list and review the required tests and screenings. Alternatively, you can install Healsens, which consolidates recommendations from various reputable organizations such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the American Academy of Family Physicians (Summary of Policy Recommendations), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American College of Physicians, and the American Cancer Society, among others. Through Healsens, you’ll promptly receive a list of recommended tests. Additionally, Healsens utilizes risk calculators to assess health risks based on your gender, age, and smoking status.

What’s the connection between health risks and the necessity to evaluate and be aware of them?

Relationship Between Health Risks and the Importance of Assessment and Awareness Understanding risks and intervening promptly aids in preventing diseases before they manifest, whereas by the time results appear, you’re already dealing with the ailment and its treatment. Hence, in some cases, it’s appropriate to initiate treatment with high risk (as in the case of cardiovascular diseases) rather than waiting for confirmation via ultrasound and cardiograms.

What benefits can measurements of physical characteristics like waist and hip circumference, along with other body parameters, provide?

Measuring physical traits like waist circumference and others is as significant as lab tests. For instance, fat deposits around the waist can impact health as much as high cholesterol does. Similarly, a high resting pulse rate can indicate cardiovascular risks.

I use a health tracker app that offers me various sets of analyses. Is this good?

Your body functions as a complex system where interplay between organs and systems can manifest in various health issues or concerns. For instance, chronic stress can trigger a cascade of problems from insomnia to gastrointestinal issues. Elevated insulin levels might affect the hormonal system, and a woman facing gynecological problems might trace the issue back to the endocrine system. Simply selecting a test package to examine a particular organ’s function might sometimes fall short.

For specific complaints, consulting the relevant specialist is most reasonable. However, this doesn’t negate the importance of undergoing screening tests. They can help detect early signs of potential issues, even if they don’t show explicit symptoms or fall within a specific specialist’s expertise. This aids in preventing or timely identifying diseases that may originate from another body system.

Thus, the interconnectivity between different body parts underscores the significance of a comprehensive health approach, encompassing both seeking professional advice for specific concerns and undergoing regular screening tests for an overall health assessment.

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