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Health Risk Calculators

Health Risk Calculators can help determine the likelihood of developing conditions based on risk factors. Knowing that you’re at elevated risk of, say, a heart attack or a major bone fracture might inspire you to make preventive lifestyle changes. It can also help you and your doctor to make decisions about tests and treatments. Their results aren’t definitive; each is based on previous studies, some more recent than others, and all with their own limitations. So think of them as a starting point for a productive conversation with your health care provider.

how to prevent job burnout

How To Prevent Job Burnout: Using The Allostatic Load Stress Calculator

How To Prevent Job Burnout: Using The Allostatic Load Stress Calculator Read More »

Did you know that safeguarding your well-being from job burnout can be simple using the Allostatic Load Calculator (ALI)? In today’s fast-paced work environment, chronic stress has become a pervasive issue, taking a toll on our physical and mental health. The ALI empowers individuals to assess the impact of stress on their bodies by studying […]

Biologische leeftijd berekenen

Biological Age Blood Test

Biological Age Blood Test Read More »

Did you know that you can determine your biological age through a simple blood test? While your chronological age is based on your date of birth, a biological age blood test measures various biomarkers to determine how well your body is aging. By taking this test, you can gain valuable insights into your overall health

Biologische leeftijd berekenen

Biological Age By Dnam Phenoage

Biological Age By Dnam Phenoage Read More »

Aging is an inevitable process, but there are differences in susceptibility to age-related diseases and the risk of death among people of the same chronological age. This means that different people have differences in the rates of biological aging. To better understand the differences between biological and chronological age, it is necessary to measure biological

Соотношение кортизол/ДГЭА-С

Cortisol/Dhea-S Ratio Of Longevity

Cortisol/Dhea-S Ratio Of Longevity Read More »

A complex interaction between cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate (DHEA-S) is crucial in the stress system balance. In particular, significantly higher or lower cortisol/DHEA(S) ratios have been associated with depression and aggression. In general, DHEA-S levels affect various body systems, as well as prevent aging (Chahal and Drake 2007). That is why the Cortisol DHEA ratio is

cardiovascular risk assessment



Cardiovascular diseases such as ischemic heart disease, thrombosis, arterial hypertension with its complications – myocardial infarction and stroke – constitute a dynamic multistep process that is closely related to inflammation. It is well-known that CVD diseases rank first among all other diseases of mankind. Traditionally for making an accurate diagnosis, the patient must undergo a

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