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Ordering Blood Tests In The Netherlands

Анализы крови в Нидерландах

Are you looking to get blood tests done in the Netherlands or undergo regular general health checkups? With the Healsens mobile app, residents of the Netherlands can now order blood tests without a referral from a general practitioner. This functionality enables you to obtain the essential tests you need, eliminating the need for a doctor’s visit. Simplify your healthcare journey with our blood test service in the Netherlands.


How to Order Blood Tests in the Netherlands?

To order blood tests online in the Netherlands, you’ll need to download the Healsens mobile app and create an account by registering within the app.


Sign Up:

Download the Healsens App from either Google Play or the App Store, depending on your device, and proceed to create your account.


Choose Your Tests:

Select the laboratory tests you wish to undergo. We highly recommend opting for the Healsens Checkup plan. This comprehensive checkup plan encompasses all necessary examinations tailored to your gender and age, prioritizing the prevention of chronic diseases. If you already have a plan for regular medical check-ups, you can recreate it in Healsens. In both cases, Healsens will select the most advantageous package from the laboratories*. Additionally, you always have the option to select the “Order blood tests” for one-time examinations.


Enter Your Information:

Complete all the necessary information to place your order.


Receive Your Kit:

A personalized test kit will be delivered to your provided home address. The test tubes will come equipped with a barcode linked to your research, and they will be specially prepared with liquid for shipment. It’s crucial to verify all your data to ensure accuracy.


Select a Test Center:

Upon receiving a confirmation email, you’ll be prompted to choose a nearby blood test center where you can have your blood sample taken. It’s necessary to schedule an appointment and bring along your referral letter, test kit, and ID to the center. Trained professionals will collect the blood samples, ensuring that all tubes in your test kit are filled.


Send Your Kit:

After your blood sample is collected, you’ll need to return the test kit to the lab using the prepaid packaging provided. Simply send the collection materials with the lab form as a letter, without registration or a track & trace code. Medical mail services in the Netherlands are highly efficient, ensuring the safe delivery of your samples to the laboratory.


Get Your Results:

You will receive the results of your lab tests directly in the app (be sure to enable notifications to avoid missing results). Alternatively, you will receive your results via email. Most lab test results are typically available within a few days, up to a maximum of 10 working days.

Your lab test results can be utilized to enhance your health through tailored advice on nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Healsens collaborates with various health coaches, specialists, and therapists who offer complementary care. The Healsens app grants access to personalized health plans, coaching, and support to assist you in achieving your health objectives.

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How Healsens Saves Your Money*

The application’s algorithm intelligently selects the most cost-effective lab test packs based on your chosen examinations, ensuring efficient use of your resources. If you prefer a customized examination plan, the algorithm also aids in identifying the most financially viable options for you. In the risk calculators section, you’ll also find the option to request a package of analyses for risk assessment. Here, you can conveniently order a package of analyses for DNAm PhenoAge or AIP calculator, among others.

Why should you trust Healsens?

Healsens is committed to providing you with accurate and reliable results that you can trust. We collaborate with Medical Laboratories Dr. Stein & College, a highly respected and accredited laboratory in the Netherlands, to ensure that your blood samples are processed with the utmost care and precision. Lab Stein has an excellent reputation within Dutch healthcare. With over 20 medical specialists (laboratory physicians), chemists, biologists, doctors in microbiology, and 600 employees, the laboratory is one of the three largest medical laboratories in Europe. They conduct more than 5 million tests annually.

Availability: Our laboratory test package is cost-effective and utilizes affordable laboratory tests, making it accessible and user-friendly.

At Healsens, we understand that not everyone feels comfortable with preventive medical examinations without a referral from their general practitioner. That’s why we work with our partners to ensure that our tests are conducted to the highest standards of care and confidentiality.

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