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screening mammography

What is a Screening Mammogram?

Since our goal is disease prevention and early diagnosis, we talk about screenings a lot. This time, as we continue the topic of breast cancer prevention we will discuss what a screening mammogram is? Diagnostic or Screening Mammogram? So what is screening? According to Wikipedia, screening (“selection, sorting”) can mean – a system of primary…
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Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test

Although countries are focusing on fighting cardiovascular disease (CVD), the burden of coronary artery disease continues to rise globally. Atherosclerosis, the precursor of CV events, keeps progressing insidiously without symptoms. Let’s take a look at the reasons why this is happening, as well as at the solutions for the problem. Among other things, we will…
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Healsens Smart Medical Record

An electronic medical record is still going through hard times for a number of reasons, a major of which is doctors’ limited time: 2015 studies showed that doctors spend 43% of their time entering data into computers, and only 25% of their time – talking to patients. The importance of medical information, understanding of patients’…
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